3 April 2024

“Anyone can win, but it’s what happens when you lose that distinguishes an ordinary person from a player. A few days ago, Charles-Elias Farah welcomed William Higgons to his podcast ‘Le Grand Bain’.

A player, William Higgons? He plays bridge regularly—when he isn’t busy managing funds—but in both cases, it’s always with method and discipline: Indépendance AM has been following a proven methodology for thirty years, Quality Value. During more than an hour and a half of lively and frank exchanges, William Higgons delves into the details of his investment strategy:

  • the importance of the return on invested capital indicator
  • a long-term perspective, over at least five years
  • and a Value strategy, which all studies show outperforms growth strategies.

An episode ‘of high caliber’ as described by Charles-Elias Farah, can be found on his LinkedIn account or his YouTube channel.”

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