6 April 2023

Indépendance AM receives MorningStar Awards for French small- and mid-caps

We are proud to annonce that IndépendanceAM was awarded the prestigious MorningStar Award for “Best funds / Small and Medium Capitalization France” on 23 March.

“The Morningstar Awards for Investing Excellence program is designed to recognise funds and asset managers that have served investors well over the long term and which Morningstar’s Manager Research team believes will be able to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns in the longer term. “These awards are designed to recognise the industry’s top-notch fund offerings and investor-friendly firms. The streamlined categories emphasise our analysts’ qualitative, forward-looking views during the selection process across individual fund markets” said MorningStar in its methodologic note.

“Over the long term, small values ​​are intended to improve the performance of a portfolio.”

See MorningStar’s interview with William Higgons on receiving the award.

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