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Our methodology

Our methodology Quality Value, was designed by William Higgons from 1992 onwards.
Today, our goal remains the same:

Building a portfolio of profitable investment with limited risks. We seek profitable, growing businesses (Quality), with a low market capitalization (Value).

To achieve it, we stick to this methodology to elaborate:

  • tangible, measurable criteria to select our investment,
  • an active management process to maintain an undervalued portfolio.

Indépendance AM’s investment universe: profitable growth AND low valuation

Building our portfolio

Our judgment relies on:

financial analysis of the business

meetings with the leaders

qualitative analysis of the market

ESG analysis of the business

We set up over 500 meetings per year with business leaders from our investment universe.

Our management

Our management focuses on a long-term relationship with the companies we invest in.

is not speculating”

Benjamin Graham
Security Analysis, 1934


of the businesses received investment from our funds for more than 10 years


our oldest
investment (since 2006)


is the median duration of our investments

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