Indépendance Europe Small

Indépendance – Europe Small is our equity fund focused on European small- and mid-cap listed businesses. Since its creation in 1993, we manage it according to our signature strategy, Quality Value.

Annual performance since 2018 (net of fees)
Asset Class Small & Mid Caps Europe
Eligibility PEA / PEA-PME / Life Insurance
SFDR Article 8

Main locations for businesses in our portfolio

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Indépendance et Expansion – Europe - Part I (C)
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Annual performance since 2018

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Indépendance - Europe Small
STOXX® Europe ex UK Small NR

Annualised performance

Indépendance - Europe Small
STOXX® Europe ex UK Small NR

Performance net of fees
Data by 19/07/2024

Responsible investment

Article 8 fund under SFDR: promoting “environmental or social characteristics”

ESG criteria formally integrated in investment process since 2016

Member of the Principles for Responsible Investment network

France Relance certification “promoting sustainable development of French small businesses”

Listing of our funds

Our funds are listed and available for investment with several partners.

Institutional platforms

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French and Luxembourg life insurance

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Securities accounts, PEA, PEA-PME

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Risk level








The SRRI is based on past volatility results. It may change over time and is not a reliable indicator of the fund’s future risk profile. The lowest category does not imply a risk-free investment.

Legal structure UCITS
Valuation Daily
Currency EUR
Recommended investment horizon > 3 years
Subscriptions Opened
Redemptions Daily
Depositary bank Luxembourg CACEIS Bank
Fund administrator Luxembourg CACEIS Bank
Risk level 4 over 7
Benchmark STOXX® Europe ex UK Small NR
Eligible PEA / PEA-PME
Fees Shares class X (C) and A (C) Share class I (C)
Subscription fees 0% 1% max
Minimum subscription 1 share 1 share
Redemption fees 0% 0%
Management fees 1,95% 1,40%
Outperformance fee 10% 10%
Share class X (C) – Institutionnal investors LU1832174889
Share class A (C) – Individual investors LU1832174962
Share class I (C) – Clean Share LU1832175001


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