15 June 2023

Outstanding awards for Indépendance AM funds from Le Revenu

We are proud to share with you the recent successes of our Europe Small and France Small funds, both winners of the Trophées d’Or 2023 in the European equities category.

🏅Trophée d’Or European equities – 3 years: Indépendance Europe Small tops the ranking with a performance of +117.4% over a 3-year period.

🏅Trophée d’Or European equities – 10 years: Indépendance France Small tops the ranking with a performance of +340.5% over a ten-year period.

These awards underline the performance of our rigorous Quality Value investment methodology, tried and tested for 30 years. This is based on investments in listed European SMEs that are growing profitably (Quality) and are undervalued (Value).

This methodology is consistently applied by our investment team, whom we congratulate on winning these Trophées d’Or!

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Le Revenu for these awards, and to our investors and partners for their continued confidence.

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